We're all beginners at some point.

My goal with this page is to help beginners avoid the same rookie mistakes that I, and so many others, tend to make. These are three very basic tenets of fitness (muscle building especially) that just simply cannot be ignored. It took me a few months to finally wrap my head around them, so I'm laying them down for you plain and simple right here. 

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Eat breakfast.
Eat lunch.
Eat dinner.
Eat snacks.
Eat after your workout.
Eat before your workout.

Food is fuel and should be treated as such.



Increase the weight.
Increase the reps.
Decrease the rest time.
Improve your form.

In order to progress you need to be increasing your lifts in some way every time you hit the gym.



While it's no secret that you should certainly be working hard while you're in the gym, it's also important that you rest hard.

"Your muscles grow out of the gym, not in it."

Not only does this entail getting plenty of actual sleep, but it also means not training the same body part(s) multiple days in a row.

A very helpful article that will help explain these (and more) basics in detail. 

"How To Build Muscle - The Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle"