#theroadfrom145to132 - Achievement Unlocked!

This goal was originally formulated on January 15, 2018.

Long story short: after having spent the past ~6 months paying minimal attention to my weight and my powerlifting training I'd decided I no longer liked the way I was feeling or behaving. I didn't like the habits and mentality I was living with, and I wanted to change them.

So I set the goal of competing again in the 132 weight class. 
But not just quickly cutting weight to slide into the weight class. 
I wanted to drop it slowly and permanently so as to live AND lift at sub-132 lbs. 

Back in January this goal seemed laughably lofty, and I even failed it for my first meet of 2018 in March. I weighed in at 137 and had to compete in the 148 class. I was definitely discouraged by this, but I forced myself to keep the goal and resisted the urge to just give up altogether. 

My first weigh in was on Jan 20th. I suppose I *officially* started this journey at ~140 lbs, but the number 145 comes from the all time highs I'd hit in probably the November or December right before. And seeing 145+ on the scale (I remember it getting as high as 148...) is really what started leading me mentally towards this goal.

Fast forward to Feb 11th when I was seeing some weight drop. I remember feeling excited to see my efforts actually working! ...but if you'll recall I weighed in at 137 for my meet in March (more than a full month *after* this picture), so the progress was up, and it was down, and it was stagnant for a while.

In the beginning, like I said, the goal was BIG. 
My motivation wasn't 100%, and there were many days where I mentally wrote off the goal entirely. I sort of believed I'd never actually achieve it, and that lack of confidence prevented me from trying my hardest some days. But, as time went on and I continued to make progress, those little successes compounded and really started to build my confidence.

I was realizing, hey, I actually CAN do this... Nothin' to it but to do it, after all! 

At this point, if you follow my IG or keep an eye on the few personal posts I make on Katelift's facebook page then you know that we've made it. I FINALLY hit 132 on the scale in July, and I just recently hit sub132 for the first time in yesterday!!! 

So, it took a solid 8 months for me to lose that little bit of weight. Why?

My very first sighting of 132 in July! Granted, it was 132 and then some... but the progress was undeniable.

And, finally, my first sub132 weigh in on Aug 24! I celebrated with pizza for dinner, so the next morning I was back over 132, but hey, it's all about balance! :)

I had a particularly tricky goal in that I wanted not only to lose weight, but I wanted to maintain my muscle mass and continue to improve my performance with lifting. These things are pretty tough to achieve at the same time, and the key is to avoid losing weight too quickly. There are also benefits to eating more protein and slightly less fat in your daily calories, so it's imperative to be smart about what you're consuming. 

So, from the beginning, I've always expected this to be a long and slow journey. I did not want to feel the adverse affects of weight loss in my training sessions, and for the most part, I have avoided it. Of course, I have bad days here and there, but it's hard to say if that's due to my weight dropping or other miscellaneous variables. 

I also did not want to lose weight in such a way that it would just come right back after I was "done" dieting. This means I didn't just want to lose water weight. I didn't want to glycogen deplete or starve myself for any period of time. I didn't want to manipulate sodium levels or sweat it out in a sauna. I simply wanted to eat a little less and eat a little smarter while training hard. :)

And it's worked!

I have officially, as of Friday, August 24th, HIT MY GOAL!

Here's what 131.4 lbs looks like on me!

I was inspired to write this up, because as I was walking through HEB earlier today I heard a guy standing at a table for CG talking to someone about her New Years resolutions. 

First of all, I thought it was cool that he brought that up in August when surely those resolutions were long forgotten. And, secondly, it made me proud to think that I stuck to mine and actually achieved it. :)

So, where to next?

Well, I'm not done! I've established habits and behaviors that I plan to stick to in the effort of maintaining my weight right here around 130-132. (Man, it sounds craaaaazyyy to say that! I'm so proud!) I can be a little more lax with it, since I'm just maintaining now rather than actively trying to lose weight, but the mentality will be largely the same. #justkeepswimming