Full Meet Recap & #roadfrom145to132 Update

Well, I'm sure you all know by now that the 2018 RPS Texas Max Madness went very well for me despite competing in the 148 lb weight class. Details have been over-posted, so I'm not going to beat a dead horse by talking AGAIN about the numbers and results. Instead I want this to be more about my thoughts on the meet. 

WEIGHTCLASS -- Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in myself for dropping the ball on this. I made the right decision for the situation I'd put myself in when I chose to forgo the 132 lb weight class. But that didn't make it any less bitter when I weighed in at 137, because I KNEW that if I had just kept focus I could've made it to the weight class I really wanted to be in. However, I was still the lightest female competitor at this meet (it was a small one, and there were only 5 total females there!), and I still took best female lifter. So, truthfully, I didn't really care about my weight by the end of the meet. In fact I felt even more motivated to achieve the 132 lb weight class, because I want a better Wilks score. #greedy 

#roadfrom145to132 -- Which brings me to how my weight loss progress is going! I take a week long break from powerlifting after every meet. I like the chance to stop thinking about lifting for a bit, and I love getting to change up my fitness routine for a small while. I did a lot of kickboxing and cardio, and I tried to focus on dropping some weight during this week. Incidentally, I got down to my lowest weigh-in of 134.8 lbs. And I hit that weight TWICE on the scale on two different days, so I know it wasn't a fluke! lol
I'd ideally like to get down to ~130 lbs for my morning weigh-ins, so that I can train, eat, live, and lift at that weight and prevent having to do ANY weight cutting for future meets. So I'll keep on trucking to 130ish, and I'm well on my way! :)
I'm proud of myself for continuing on this road even after failing very publicly for the meet. In the past this failure would have destroyed my confidence and my motivation, and I would have almost certainly given up. But this time I've realized that just because I didn't achieve it THEN doesn't mean there isn't still plenty of time in the FUTURE to achieve this goal. 
I'm also really proud of my progress this week, and even though I am a little afraid that some of it is a loss of muscle from not lifting for a week, I'm optimistic that I'll make it to 130 fairly soon! 

LIFTS!! -- Man. I feel STELLAR about my lifts at this meet. I opened a little higher than I felt comfortable with hoping that the adrenaline and nerves of meet day would help me out like they usually do. I also chose to take the video evidence for the speed and ease of my opener weights at face value and trust that I would achieve them easily on meet day (no matter how they physically felt). And, I'm so glad I trusted my past experience and my videos, because all of my openers FLEW. That gave me the confidence to go with my higher second attempt options. (I always plan out my attempts beforehand, and I always have a comfortable attempt as well as a higher, scarier attempt.) In the past, I've always gone with the comfortable 2nd and third attempts, and I end up feeling like I didn't leave it all on the platform; like I had more in the tank. But at this meet I went with the higher, scarier attempts for my 2nd and 3rd on both squats AND bench! I was extremely proud of myself for that, and looking at the videos, I think I hit my maximum potential almost EXACTLY for both lifts.
I did end up taking the safer route for my deadlifts and went with just enough to achieve a PR, because I know I would've been sad if I didn't PR all my lifts. But this lift is a steaming poo pile for me, so I'm hella proud of PRing it! 

OVERALL -- I cannot wait to compete again!! I know that losing weight will make lifting heavy harder, so I want to give myself plenty of time to get used to my new, lower weight. I want to up my lifts, and I want a 400+ Wilks score!! (I'm at 393 right now for 137 lbs bodyweight and a total of 799.2 lbs.) 
I would LOVE to hit a 300 lb squat, 200 lb bench FINALLY, and 330+ for deadlifts. I've got a ways to go and lots of training before I get there! But those numbers actually seem achievable -- nucking futs!!! :O
This meet left me feeling very strong, confident, excited, and hungry for more. It made me want to be a better lifter with a more determined and focused lifestyle (dominantly in regards to the weight loss). It made me want to really be competitive with some of the amazing female lifters I follow on Instagram, even though I'm a long ways away. But it mostly just made me feel like a badass. I had so much love and support behind me, and it's always cool to see how many people think your passion is really awesome. :)