Well... I registered!

My goal was to (1) compete again in 2018 -- which I basically knew I would do, and (2) to do so in the 132 weight class -- which I'm much less confident of... 

I started this year at 145 lbs (my heaviest ever),
and as of today I'm at 136.6 lbs.

It's been slow-going, but the progress is definitely showing. I'm not really doing anything strict or special; just eating groceries more, eating out less, drinking less beer, and avoiding munching when I'm not hungry. I've shifted focus on eating more nutrient dense foods as a result of eating more groceries and home-cooked meals. This makes protein and complex carbs much easier to come by, and that's definitely a positive thing for my training.

Speaking of my training...

I've been lifting 4x/week and doing my cardio (kickboxing workouts) 3x/week. I'm feeling good and strong in my squat, meh in my deadlift (as always), and oddly poor in my bench. But I've also been incorporating a lot more accessory exercises that are working my arms a lot more than they're used to. 

I pretty recently got a kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells for my gym, so after I'm done with my main lift for the day I turn into a bodybuilder (not really) and do a bunch of supersets. Pretty much all of my accessories work my arms in some way, so it's possible that my bench is feeling weak just because my arms are fatigued?? Or maybe my bench is just weaker, and I don't want to admit it lol

Well, all this to say...

I registered for a meet!

It's in MARCH. On the 23rd. In a month and 6 days. :O :O :O

I do NOT feel ready, and I'm worried that I won't by the time the 23rd comes around. But I decided to register for this meet, because I know I needed to just rip the bandaid off and do the damn thing. Ready or not, I WILL compete, and I can always compete again later in the year. But this basically forces me to get a jumpstart on my 2018 goals. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll even achieve them for my upcoming meet (132 weight class, 800 total) and be able to set new, bigger goals.

We'll see what the future holds, but here's what I know for sure -- I will be competing in 5 short weeks.