When a fitness professional loses her fitness...

It’s tough to be a fitness professional and admit that you’d kind of lost track of your own fitness. I mean, I spend my days encouraging other people to work their hardest and not quit, so when I wind up being the quitter it’s not something I like to shout from the mountain tops…

But I am willing to admit now that the last half of 2017 was not at all my best display of fitness and discipline. I let powerlifting fall away. There were moments when I almost gave up on it completely. I did completely give up on a having a regular workout schedule. I skipped workouts to nap instead. I dumbed down my goals until I was at a point where I no longer had any. I watched way too many hours of Netflix when I could’ve been doing anything else. And I justified all the unnecessary food and beer by calling them my “comforts.” 

But I’m only human.
These moments of weakness are to be expected.
Yes, even from a fitness professional.

And while I’m not completely happy with my last 6 months, I would not go back to change them. I needed that time to feel overwhelmed, and I do believe I needed to feel hopeless in some moments. Without a struggle there really is no basis for overcoming. And, right now, I am working on overcoming.

— I am bringing powerlifting back into my life. And, as unimportant as this may SEEM, this is one of the most important things in my life. I actually cannot believe how much I let it slip away from me recently…

— I have put together a weekly workout regimen that includes powerlifting and9Round workouts. It is reasonably stacked against my work schedule. It won’t be easy, but it is more than doable with the right fuel and motivation.

— I have goals again. Big goals. Goals that seem almost unreachable right now, but I was really missing that.

— I am spending much more time with Katelift again. (For those of you who don’t know I run a facebook page and instagram for Katelift Fitness. The facebook is more of me as a fitness professional, and the instagram is more of me as a powerlifter, but both provide me a lot of stimulation and motivation, again, that I think I was really missing.)

— More than one night in a row I’ve skipped out on Netflix for something more productive without even having to convince myself. I just wanted to. This is HUGE for me.

And, as much as I hate to admit this — BECAUSE THE SCALE IS AN ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE MEASURE OF FITNESS PROGRESS — stepping on the scale is what really flipped the switch in my head. While the scale is deceptive and just plain mean if you’re using it to measure PROGRESS, it is actually quite useful (but still mean) in measuring REGRESSION… What I mean by this is that if you’ve been eating like a pig, laying around, and skipping your workouts and you’ve suddenly gained 15 pounds, that means something. (Whereas if you’ve been eating appropriate portion sizes, working out like a boss, and exercising self discipline gaining weight on the scale often doesn’t mean anything more than a positive adjustment in body composition.)

So, when I stepped on that scale and weighed a solid 15 pounds more than I usually do/wanted to, I realized that I’d really let myself get out of hand. Bear in mind that “out of hand” means for me may be different than what it means to you, but it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. I was not behaving or performing in accordance with the standards that I have for myself, and it was beginning to manifest physically. The end.

I have had times in the past where this has happened before, but absolutely never for a span of 6 months. As I said, I’m not proud. But I am honest. And I am now working on overcoming.

Serenity – Courage – Wisdom

– Reinhold Niebuhr