My 2018 Goal

This year I decided that I wanted to find powerlifting again. I never stopped loving or needing it, but I wasn't making the time for it anymore like I had in the past. So when New Years came around I used the motivation that gave me to jumpstart my lifting. 

I developed a training schedule to fit around my work schedule and other commitments, and I've been pleasantly surprised to find that (though I previously thought there just wasn't any time left for lifting) the time really is there. 


So, as my strength comes back I plan to continue building on it, and I have big goals. 
- I want to compete again this year.
- I want to do it in the 132 weight class.
- And I want to hit an 800+ total. 


It's been almost 2 full years since I competed. My last one was in March 2016. I was in the 148 class for that meet, and I totaled 766 lbs. So that's, at least 34 pounds to add to my total once I get all my strength back, AND about 10 pounds to lose! :O 

*very scary*

The plan I have in place now is to continue on the schedule I have now for the next ~2-4 weeks. As it starts to feel more and more manageable I will either find or create an actual program to follow. Then I will more seriously look at meets around me. (There is an RPS meet coming up in March -- the same one I've done twice before -- but I just don't know if that's too soon...) So there's a lot left to ponder and feel out. But for now I do feel on track. :)