Every time I look at the calendar I can't believe how close the meet is! Saturday October 15th!

My new geometric stag tattoo! 


DIET - It's not awful as of late. It's certainly not been a source of disappointment, but I have no idea how much I weigh. It will honestly be a complete surprise at weigh-ins, and that's kind of exciting for me. While I could almost definitely set some records if I make it into the 132 class, I'm actually okay with competing in the 148 class if that's what ends up happening; comfort and performance over miserable dieting. 

TRAINING - It's going very well. I had an incredible "intensity day" this past Friday on the Texas Method program. However, I just got a new tattoo, so I'm going to have to adjust my program a bit to avoid disrupting the healing. I don't think this will have too big an impact, but it's not something I was planning on. Foolishly I thought I could get a big tattoo on my outer thigh and squat less than two days later. -_- 

This most recent intensity day was incredible. 

SQUATS - #230 x 6
> Projected 1rm of #271 lbs
> Current 1rm: #255 lbs

>> Reps 1-3 looked and felt pretty smooth. Rep 4 slowed down a bit but still looked smooth. Rep 5 was pretty slow and ugly in comparison, but I somewhat randomly decided to go for a 6th... Rep 6 was an ugly struggle bus from any perspective, but it moved, and that was a pretty huge victory.

BENCH - #170 x 5
> Projected 1rm of #195 lbs
> Current 1rm: #185 lbs

>> Reps 1 and 2 were beautiful in all regards, honestly. Reps 3 and 4 slowed down off the chest and elbows started to flare a bit. Rep 5 was really quite slow for the entire ascent. I had originally intended to go for 6 if I was feeling it, and you can tell in the video that I considered it for a quick second, but after the slow speed of #5 I decided against it. 

DEADLIFT - #260 x 5 
> Projected 1rm of #299 lbs
> Current 1rm: #305 lbs
>> The very first rep was actually with #245, and it was smooth, quick, easy, no complaints... that's how I knew I messed up with loading the bar! 
>>> Reps 1-5 were actually all very similar looking and similar difficulty. I definitely see flaws in the pull, but I'm happy with how consistent they were, and I'm very happy with the moderate difficulty. I very likely could've pulled a 6th, but I don't like deadlifts or volume, so I just didn't even consider it.