7 WEEKS OUT - when did that happen?!

Well, luckily a healthy rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week, because I have about 7 more pounds to lose. I weighed in at 139 lbs at 2pm at the doctor's office earlier this week, which was a huge motivator to just do the damn thing and get down to the 132 weight class. I've fluctuated so much in my caring about the weight class since I registered for the meet...

Originally, back in June when I registered, I was all gung-ho for making weight, because I had almost 5 months to do it. I did great for about 3 weeks, but then, of course, diet continued to be my demon, and I sort of gave up on caring. I also developed a love for craft beer that never existed before (bad timing, or what?) that has made it that much harder to cut back on calories. Beer was NEVER an issue for me before. Alcohol in general was the easiest thing for me to omit, but now it's just another hurdle to stare at between my newfound love for craft beers and rekindling of my love for red wines. -_- 

However, despite my total lack of effort on the diet front, I DID get down from fluctuating around 145 lbs to that 2pm doctor's visit weigh-in of 139... which means I'm now fluctuating below 140 lbs. The only thing I can attribute that weight loss to is my job at a kickboxing gym, which was new to me when I first began meet prep. It's an extremely physically demanding job on most days, and I was given a free membership to the gym, so I picked up on those workouts 2-3 times/week. All that added cardio allowed me to completely ignore my diet and still drop a few pounds.

But, now that the initial shock-my-body phase of the kickboxing gym is out of the way, and I've adapted to it, I'm going to have to focus a little more on my diet to keep the progress flowing. But, like I said, luckily the healthy rate is 1-2 lbs lost per week, because I've got another ~7 pounds to lose and 7 weeks to go. Not to mention that the amount of calories I need to eat to lose weight has probably increased thanks to the kickboxing gym. So, theoretically, this should an absolute walk in the park... But it's me, and any time emphasis is placed on my diet I generally go crazy in the opposite direction. 

So, since it's unrealistic for me to try to stop eating out completely between now and the meet I've decided to make it a goal to get a salad any time I do go out to eat to minimize calories. I've also decided, since historically it's been very easy, to stop drinking alcohol between now and the meet. I genuinely think those two changes will be enough to get me to my weight class if I can stick to them. So, we'll see what happens... This weight-class business has easily been my least favorite part of competitive powerlifting. 

But, the lifting, though. I love that part. ^_^ And, it's going well. As mentioned in my previous update, I'm now on the Texas Method program. I'm currently on week 4, and it's just a grueling as expected. The workouts themselves are going fine, I'd say, but because it is so tough a program, the mentality going into them is definitely a bit of a struggle. I KNOW it's going to be a really difficult session, so it's pretty draining both physically and mentally. But I haven't failed any sets yet, so the progress is happening, and my lifts are all feeling good even if a bit weaker than I'd like. (Feeling weaker than I want to be is just a constant in my life since starting powerlifting lol) 

So where am I on meet prep?
I feel like I'm largely drowning with regards to weight-class lol but there was a glimmer of hope when I weighed in at 139 lbs.
And, I feel like my head is above water with regards to my lifts, but I can't help but think of how much further along I'd be if I was able to be more consistent leading up to the Texas Method. (Got sick a couple times and moved into a new house = taking breaks from training. Life happens.)

At this point I'm just really curious to see how I'm going to perform on the platform come October 15th. 

Good luck to me!

Good luck to me!