Where Have I Been?

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting on the Katelift Facebook page as much lately... So, where have I been?

Well, honestly, I've been pretty discouraged and demotivated with regards to Katelift in the recent weeks. Somewhere around 3-4 months ago I realized that I was unhappy with the amount of traffic and viewership my page was receiving. I felt like I was putting out good, quality content that was being underappreciated simply because my reach was so small. This made me start thinking up ways that I could hopefully increase that reach... 

I tried to come up with ways to make my content more enjoyable for its audience and more attractive to potential new viewers:
- I attempted to get more personal with my AMA (ask me anything) videos.
- I tried to create posts that were aesthetically more appealing and less wordy than my normal ones with Quick Tip Tuesdays.
- I also wanted to engage and commend members of my audience in some of my posts, and I used Weekend Shout Outs to do so.
- But I also didn't want to stop putting out the normal content my viewers were used to, so I created the How to Design Your Own Workout Program series. 
- In more recent weeks I even made an attempt to follow popular trends and post exercise videos using a Weekly Ab Challenge.

Occasionally it felt like some of the work I was putting into the page was paying off. I might get a small handful of new likes, or I might have a post that did exceptionally well, but for the most part my reach and viewership has remained stagnant. 

This is extremely discouraging, because I was putting a lot of work into Katelift each week. I'd focus on it after work when I had the time and energy, and I'd sometimes spend my days over the weekends compiling information and content for the upcoming week's posts. And, honestly? For the return I was getting, it just wasn't worth the added stress. I mean, we're talking literally HOURS of extra work for maybe 1-3 additional likes, and even more time spent for 1-3 additional followers. Aside from the stress already mentioned, this just started to seem like a silly thing to be so caught up in...

I have a family.
I have a social life.
I have a full-time job.
I have a training schedule.
Katelift is merely a passion of mine. 

I enjoy sharing my knowledge to those who want it, and I'll never stop doing that. It's part of my job as a personal trainer, and it's one of my favorite things to do. 
But I am genuinely just tired of trying so hard to think out of the box, try new things, and appeal to new people with something that was never intended to be work. It's gotten to a point where the thought of having to get this post or that post out on time was actually depressing me, and the content of said posts wasn't always even to my standards. I just wanted to put something out to stick to the schedule I'd set.
I also started to feel like I was sharing the same or very similar information quite often and repeating myself to a heinous degree simply because I was running out of ideas for the scheduled posts I'd created. So, not only was I bogged down by having to create so many posts, but I didn't even LIKE them most of the time.

That's not what I want this to be.

I want Katelift to go back to being something I ENJOY, and I want that enjoyment to read through the information I provide and the tone of my posts. 

I want to go back to confidently being able to say that I provide QUALITY content. 

I want to LIKE the posts I put out and be proud to share them. 

I want to renew my passion for Katelift, and I want to keep it that way.

So, with all this being said, I've taken a break recently, and I'll be making some changes in the future. I haven't decided if I'm going to do away completely with the scheduled posts I had been doing for the past couple months, but I certainly won't be placing the same emphasis on them if they do stick around. On the plus side, I do have a couple different ideas floating around in my head for some content-heavy posts in the near future, and I hope to start working on those soon! :)

Thanks for sticking around through this lull, and thanks for understanding.