The competition is fiercely close now. I've already had a couple of nightmares about it... in the first, I didn't make weight (by like, 10 pounds or something absurd!). In the second, I wasn't paying attention and almost missed my chance to deadlift and had to do it without any warm up. Obviously, those are both outrageous scenarios, but I'm definitely MOST nervous about making weight and pulling the deadlift attempts, so the nightmares are lining up accordingly with my actual fears. Pesky, pesky.

As for bench, though, I'm feeling SOLID. Today's workout included singles, and I got three at 160 pounds while also weighing in at 133 lbs. Shit yeah! (160 is also a 2 pound PR for me, hehe whoopsie... not really supposed to PR before a meet.)

I'm a *little* unsure if today is too far from the meet to be doing my last heavy bench workout, though. In my gut, it feels too far away. I definitely won't hit singles again, but I'm thinking I'll go for paused triples tomorrow at the weight I plan on opening with, which is 140 lbs. And, if I do decide to open with 140 -- almost 100% certain I will -- that'll beat the current MA state record (which is what I'm competing for). THAT'S CRAZY. My OPENER will beat the state record. That really makes me feel pretty awesome. 

As for the cut -- it's dragging, but it's going. I've been eating at a 400-ish calorie deficit (~1880 cals) for about 4 weeks now. I started around 137-139 lbs, and I'm down to 132-133. I've allowed myself a cheat day every weekend so far, though, and I think I really need to resist this weekend just to make damn sure I'm below 132 when I weigh in. I'm dangerously close right now, and most days, I weigh in slightly above. 

And, on that note, what am I planning on eating as soon as I can after weigh in? TACO BELL CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH, and probably pizza hut. Thin crust pepperoni, ya feel me? And, likely, whatever else I can get my hands on. But, with that being said, I do plan to continue this deficit post-comp until I hit ~125-128 pounds, and then commencing another mini-bulk like the (very unintended) one I did a month or so ago. It's given me pretty pleasing strength results, so why not continue the cycle?

Alright, planned attempts (this is actually the first time I've sat down and thought about it):

1st - 140 lbs
2nd - 150-155 lbs
3rd 160-165 lbs

1st - 200-225 lbs
2nd - 280-290 lbs
3rd - 300+ lbs
*My first attempt is super low, because I'm competing in the combined bench press and deadlift category, so if I fail all three deadlift attempts then my bench press numbers will be voided (which means I wouldn't be able to go for the state record), so I'm pulling something that I KNOW I can pull under pretty much any circumstance.*

A 300+ pound deadlift would MAKE MY LIFE. As would a 160+ bench press. 

Alrighty, until next time!