Post-meet recap

So the meet was about 3 weeks ago, now, and I still haven't posted a conclusion here! Mostly that's because I got overzealous and posted all my videos on facebook, so there wasn't much left to share. But it's also because the meet went much better than I'd expected. I didn't really have anything to say other than, "wow! That was awesome," and that wouldn't have made for a very exciting blog post. :P

Now, though, that I'm a few weeks removed from the meet, I do have a few reflections to make...

(1) I honestly wish I had been more ambitious with my attempts. 
Now, this isn't just me tooting my own horn, here. I purposefully took the conservative route when choosing my lift attempts. My openers were quite low, my second attempts were either right at old PR's or just above, and my third attempts were very small (10-15 pound) PR's. Based on the absolutely awesome adrenaline rush I got every time I stepped on the platform, and based on how other lifters were choosing their attempts, I wasn't nearly ambitious enough. Next time, and there will be a next time, I'm going to think much bigger.

^ Video of the meet! ^

(2) Holy camaraderie!
There was an amazing amount of support at this meet coming both from my own spectators and people I'd never met before; audience, staff, other lifters, etc. There were plenty of volunteers working with lifters on the warm up equipment and taking us newbies through all the cues to help us get comfortable with them. The crowd was very animated, and that definitely helped; being cheered on feels awesome. And the other lifters were all very open to making new friends. I had no idea what to expect, and it definitely blew my mind how welcoming the atmosphere was!

(3) Diet and weight class
For this meet I dropped weight to get to the 132 weight class. I only had to drop ~4 pounds, and I wound up weighing in at about 130. I think I'd really like to work on my diet between now and the next meet, and instead of going down in weight, I want to go UP. I'm going to aim for ~145 pounds, and I'm reallllllly hoping to be able to put on *mostly* lean mass. But, for right now, the goal is pure strength, and I have to be eating enough/properly to fuel that goal. 

(4) Post-meet program
So, I have a coach now! (FINALLY.) He wrote me a 6 week program that, so far, is already making me feel like a beast. Again, the goal right now is purely strength-based, so if I keep eating well and following this program, I should be making huge strides towards my goal. Ultimately, I want to hit a 700+ pound total by August 2 (my birthday). Once I've hit that total I will begin training for another meet. It'll kind of be my reward. 
On another note, I'm very interested in running through the Candito 6 Week Strength Program again; the one I used to prep for this meet. It definitely helped me gain strength, and it had really positive effects on my mentality. Plus, it's basically designed with the intention of being repeated, so I might as well reuse it!

(5) In the meantime...
I'll be following my current program, eating lotsa good foods, and hopefully getting back on my rifle spinning game as the weather warms up. I also plan on incorporating more and more core work into my off days, and mayyybeeee some cardio (but I always say that and then never do it). I'll be updating my facebook page and my instagram with videos/pictures/nonsense related to my own training and fitness in general. 

When it's time to start prepping for my next meet (aka: once I get that 700 pound total), I'll start up with this journal again! Until then, stay strong, my friends, and thank you for following my journey.