Well... even less than that; about 12 days out. :O

I now know what all of my openers will be.
Bench press - 120 lbs (2nd: 135 lbs, 3rd: 150/155 lbs)
Squat - 185 lbs (2nd: 200 lbs, 3rd: 210/215 lbs)
Deadlift - 235 lbs (2nd: 250 lbs, 3rd 260/265 lbs)
Weight class - 132 lbs 

I'm being pretty conservative with my first two attempts, and to be honest, I'm being pretty conservative with my 3rd attempts as well considering that 3rd attempts are meant to be PRs. 

To find my first attempts I took a weight that I can triple and subtracted 5 pounds. This is basically a way to be 99.99% sure that I WILL nail the lift despite the new environment and the total lack of knowing-what-I'm-doing that will be going on. :P 

My second attempts are within 5 pounds above and below my current PRs. This, again, is kind of a way to *hopefully* be sure that I'll nail the lifts... I've done it before, so logic would predict that I'll be able to do it again. We'll see.

My third attempts will all be PRs if/when I hit them. As you can see, even my range of guesses for my third attempts are within 5 pounds. I'm just not sure at all how I'm going to perform. I've got my fingers crossed for 3 for 3 on all lifts, and I did set myself up so that that might be possible. However, I AM prepared for 2 for 3, or even 1 for 3, on all lifts. Gotta be realistic! 

I have decided that if I achieve a meet total that I'm satisfied with and proud of that I will tattoo the number behind my ear (nice and small). Essentially, a total of 600+ will meet that criteria. My current nonmeet total is 585, and 600 has been a goal of mine for a while... my long-term goal is 700+, but for where I am right now, the jump to 600+ would be a pretty huge achievement.
This tattoo would carry a lot of meaning for me. It will be an example of not only my ability to succeed in surprising myself and achieving big goals, but it will also represent me stepping out of my comfort zone and competing. It would likely be a great conversation starter, too. :P

My last heavy workouts will be this week, and I will be hitting weights either at or below my openers for "triples." But it won't be one set of three, it'll be three sets of one; resetting in between each rep so that each one is "fresh." This tactic was suggested to me, and I really liked it. I think the set up practice will be really valuable, and I know that not going too heavy is basically a cardinal rule in the week or two prior to a meet. 

I'm managing, miraculously, to stay within my weight class, and right on the cusp, even. :) I think I failed to give myself enough credit for the dieting (aka: eating at maintenance) I've been doing for the past couple months, because I have a tendency to do well 5 out of 7 days of the week and to completely splurge for the other 2 days. Being such, I certainly expected some weight gain, because by "splurge," I mean SPLURGE. But, the number on the scale either stays the same (131.5 lbs) or decreases (the lowest has been 128 lbs). I can't even explain how much of a relief that is... I suppose, despite my own disbelief in myself, I really did set myself up for success with my diet and staying in my weight class. 
Additionally, I've heard a lot of advice along the lines of eating much less than normal in the day or two before weigh in, and to be dehydrated for the weigh in as well. There are other smaller details I've been suggested to help drop  my weight down (no salt, low sugar, low carb, etc. etc.) specifically for the weigh in. However, I've decided NOT to actively pursue these tactics. I don't want to make myself miserable for any amount of time, even if it means the difference of a couple pounds. This should be a fun and positive experience for me, and being starved and dehydrated is a surefire way to make it NOT fun and positive. 
This is a personal choice of mine and does not reflect my opinion on OTHER people choosing to utilize such tactics. I just know that they will not go well with my personality. 

I'm so incredibly excited to head to Austin. Not only is it home for me, but it's warrrrrrm, and there's NO SNOW. I'm more than ready to get out of Boston for a little bit. I'm stoked to see my friends and parents, I'm pumped for my meet, and I'm craving the warmer weather. (Watch, I'll be there during a freakin' cold front. -_- )

This is both terrifying and very exciting.