Woah... 3.5 weeks out? But, but... where have I been?!

Yup. I have my next meet on November 21st! I registered a couple months ago, and I've been taking a rather nonchalant approach to my training. In other words. I'm just sort of doing what feels good, and I'm looking to pull modest 1st and 2nd attempts with a (meet) PR attempt as my 3rd for all the lifts. So, I'm really not looking to hulk-out or anything at this meet, and my training has been casual in following with that. 

My last meet in August was a push/pull, so there was no squat, which meant that my squat got rather neglected in training. And, in no relation to that, my deadlift pretty much entirely degenerated. My set up was flawed, and as such, I wasn't using the right muscles for the pull, which led to an almost painful lift. No bueno. 

SO, I've spent a lot of time since my last meet working on my squat and fixing my deadlift. And, miraculously, my bench progress continues to soar. Since the push/pull in August I've PR'd all of my lifts in the gym (in accordance with my training... in other words, I didn't go out of my way to PR, as you shouldn't prior to a meet), and I've achieved my 700 pound total. So, really, my immediate goal for this upcoming meet is to also achieve that 700 pound total in the competition setting with cues and judges. And, of course, it would be nice surpass that number. 

My current gym numbers are:
Bench, 170 lbs (no pause)
Squat, 235 lbs
Deadlift, 295 lbs

Numbers I'd be happy to hit as 3rd attempts:
Bench, 165 lbs
Squat, 250 lbs
Deadlift, 305 lbs

Longer-term number goals:
Bench, 185 lbs (pause or not)
Squat, 275 lbs
Deadlift, 315 lbs
I may hope to hit these numbers within the next year.

So, we'll see how it goes on the 21st! :) As always, the toughest part will be making weight. I'm still aiming to compete in the 132 weight class.