Lifter's Mentality & Bench Press Excitement! (~5 weeks out)

One of the great things about the Candito program is that it incorporates "max rep" days where the lifters get to surprise themselves by usually nailing more reps than they initially though they could. The mentality of walking away from a workout thinking, "wow, I just nailed something I didn't think I'd be able to!" is monumental. Rather than a program that consistently and systematically adds more and more weight to your lifts (5 pounds each week, 2.5 pounds each workout, etc. etc.) and leaves you thinking, "wow, that was just grueling." 

I'm not saying that workouts shouldn't be challenging. In fact, every single programmed day of Candito has been extremely challenging for me but in a way that's enabled me to feel positively once it's over. (I look at the program and usually feel pretty skeptical. "Damn that's a lot of weight for that amount of reps," sort of thing. But it's not so outlandish that it seems impossible, and then it winds up being both difficult but doable.) The right balance of challenge and achievement then has me seriously looking forward to my next programmed workout. Often times I hear stories about programs people are following that are so hard they dread their next workout, and though those programs produce results, I'd rather follow a program that lets me maintain my positive mentality throughout. 

In addition, many programs that consistently and systematically pack on the weight have to be paused or the weight has to be reduced. At some point your body can't keep up with the non-personalized nature of progressive overloadThe resulting mentality when you have to deliberately make your workouts easier isn't very uplifting, trust me. 

So, with all that said... Today was a max reps (MR) day on bench press. 
It wasn't the first, but last time I did a MR day for bench I didn't have a spotter, so I wasn't really able to push myself as hard as I'd have liked. Today, though, I DID have a spotter. 

My MR weight was 100 pounds, and I got 13 reps. (Though my spotter counted 14, so we may never know for sure.) Thirteen?! I was honestly shooting for at least 11, and then I blew it out of the water with 2 more. *I didn't go all the way to failure. I should have, but I wimped out, because it was really hard. Looking back I really wish I had attempted that next rep, though I'm almost certain it would have been a fail.* 

Based on 100 lbs x 13 and 4-5 different 1RM calculators, my current 1RM is anywhere from 145 - 155 pounds, and I'm only HALF way done with this program. That's a projected 5 - 15 pound increase after just 3 weeks. On bench press! The hardest of all lifts to increase. 

Yeah, you could say I'm excited. :)