The Beginning - January 3, 2015

The day I became a powerlifter was the day that I decided to base my training on the "big 3" lifts; the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. At the time, though, I actually didn't even know that these three lifts constituted powerlifting... But I'd very quicky fall in love with this training style. I'd learn to love the feeling of lifting heavy and training for strength. I'd become addicted to setting new PRs (personal records) on these lifts, and eventually I'd be looking to compete in them. 

That day was about 14 months ago. I started out squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting under 100 pounds each. The past year has been very good to me with regards to my strength, as you can see from my stats above, and I continue to work towards getting stronger. I'm certainly not the biggest or the most powerful, and I won't be anywhere near the heaviest lifter in any powerlifting meet... not even in my weight class! But I love these lifts, and I love challenging myself, so I decided a few months ago (in October of 2014) that I wanted to compete in a powerlifting meet for the first time in 2015.

Well, 2015 is here!

I officially began preparing myself for a meet when I designed my own strength program to follow at the end of 2014. It was meant to be a 10 week program, but because of a 3 week vacation and a bout of sickness after said vacation, I was thrown off of schedule. But, honestly, it was for the best... That program was much too volume heavy, and really didn't help me towards my main goal - STRENGTH. 

I'm on my last week of the program right now. Next week will be a deload week, because my body really needs it, and in the following week I'll test all 3 of my maxes for the first time since Sept./Oct. of last year! I very much look forward to updating those stats up there... :)

My "To-Do" List; Preparing For The Meet

I have already selected the first meet that I would like to compete in. Next I just need to:
- Register and pay for the meet
- Arrange all necessary travel
- Purchase my gear; singlet, lifting belt, and deadlift socks
- Practice lifting in aforementioned gear...
- Get used to lifting WITHOUT GLOVES! (Yes, this is really on my check list.)
- Design or find a new program to follow... the meet I'm looking at is just two months away!!

I will continue to post updates in this Powerlifting Journal portion of my website. I will likely talk a lot about my nervousness/excitement, my training program, my new gear once I get it, any notable failures or successes I have on the platform, and the attempts I plan to make at the meet once it grows closer. I will certainly continue to update my stats as they change, and I will most definitely post the results of the meet here.


With this first meet I truly expect nothing more than to learn, and to learn A LOT. There is so much to know about the flow and the overall experience of a powerlifting meet. I can read blogs and articles and rulebooks all day long, but until I've done it for myself I can't fully understand. I'm heading into this meet prepared not only to NOT place, but to not even do well. I've checked various records (and compared myself to many a female lifter in my weight class via Facebook and Instagram), and it's clear to me that I'm nowhere near their levels of proficiencies. I have many years to go before I can hope to place in a powerlifting meet. For now I'm in if for the experience, and because, like I said above, I just love these lifts.