Testing My Maxes

I will be testing my new maxes in a "mock meet" style this Saturday.

And, if I'm being totally honest, my mental game is just not in the right place for it.

I've been eating at a small deficit (100-200 cals) on-and-off for about two months now. I've had success losing a little weight/body fat, which is great for my aesthetic goals and my goal to compete in the 132 pound weight class. BUT, it's not so awesome for my strength... Last time I tested my maxes (Oct '14) I was pushing 140 pounds and feeling strong. Now I'm floating between 131 and 133, which may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it makes a huuuge difference.

This, coupled with the break I had to take from lifting, has put me in a place where I'm just not feelin' strong. 
(I also believe that the volume-heavy nature of my previous program really derailed some of my strength gains.)

I know that going into it with this mindset isn't a great way to achieve the results I want, so I'm going to work on boosting my confidence before Saturday. But, regardless of whether it works or not, I'll still be updating those numbers at the top in just a few short days. Hopefully to higher numbers. :)