A Rough Day On The Platform

Today I tested my maxes for the first time since last October and for the last time until my meet in March. It was highly disappointing. 

I won't even lie, my time on the platform today almost ended in tears.

But it didn't, because I understand why I failed my attempts at new PR's, and I know exactly what I'm going to do about it. I have about 7 weeks until my meet, which means I have 7 weeks to build up some new strength. I didn't necessarily LOSE any strength; I just stagnated. Majorly. See the following numbers:

STATS as of Oct 2014:

S: 195 lbs
DL: 250 lbs
B: 140 lbs
TOTAL: 585 lbs
Body weight: 135-138 lbs

MOST RECENT STATS as of Jan 2015:

S: 195 lbs
(Stayed the same)
DL: ?? estimating around 240 lbs
(These just weren't in the cards for me today)
B: 140 lbs
(Stayed the same)
Body weight: 131-133 lbs
(Decreased by 4-7 lbs)

Now, while I was actually testing all my maxes I was feeling EXTREMELY frustrated and defeated. (See the video linked below.) Obviously it's pretty disheartening to start with squat and deadlift attempts of 205 and 265 respectively only to be knocked back down to my previous maxes. 

However, now that I've been removed from the workout for a while, I'm starting to recognize the merits of the today's performance...

Just having stagnated really isn't too shabby when you take into consideration the weight I lost, the horrible program I was following, and the fact that I got sick and had to take a couple weeks off. No, when you put it like that it hardly seems so bad. 

So, I will keep my head up moving forward. 
I will continue eating all my calories at maintenance since I've ascertained my weight class.
I'm going to be following the Candito 6 week strength program, which came highly recommended from many people when I asked around for program suggestions.
I'm going to move on from this plateau I seem to be stuck on. 
I'm going to be ready and confident in my own progress for my meet in March.

And, here's the video proof of my complete and utter frustration with today's time on the platform:


**I should NOT have started my attempts high. I should have started low and worked up. Noted.