rob bailey

Pick Your Fitness Role Model Carefully

I saw this video by Elliot Hulse (the strengthcamp youtube channel), and it brought that quote to mind.
In his video Elliot addresses the question, “why are crossfitters so jacked?” His main point is that crossfit athletes are jacked BECAUSE they’re crossfit athletes. He says (in different words) that comparing our bodies to other peoples bodies is really not an effective way of looking at physical fitness, because all things considered, our bodies are going to be built the way they were meant to be built.

And the sentiment is true…
It’s a useless endeavor to compare our bodies to the bodies of others; especially when we’re comparing ourselves to athletes or celebrities. 

Looking at pictures of exactly the appearance you desire does more to remind you what you DON’T have rather than to motivate you to get it. 

If you don’t have a fitness role model I encourage you to find one. But not just someone who has the body you want, or who “looks really good.” Find someone who pursues fitness the way you want to; someone to look up to because of what they stand for and what they personify. THAT’S where the true motivation lies.

So who is my fitness role model? Easy.

Dana. Linn. Bailey.

Her and her husband Rob are not only famous individuals in the fitness industry, but they are also dedicated to their fans. They host seminars and camps out of their personal gym; The Warhouse Gym. They find time to answer questions and take interviews. They appear at so many events and travel so much it's insane that they're able to keep up their regimen's. Dana competes in bodybuilding competitions (and was the first Ms Olympia Physique), and she posts some pretty incredible and motivating workout videos. When I look at Dana I see someone who lives, breathes, and LOVES the fitness lifestyle. She and Rob inspire me almost daily in my own pursuits. And on top of her ability to move around some serious weight, she's got a very light and silly personality. Just watch any of her videos and you'll be able to see this. 

Dana is someone who inspires me both physically and mentally. She is, to say the least, a total badass.

But these things may not align with your personal values and beliefs, which is exactly why I urge you to go out and find your own fitness role model. Find someone who “does fitness” the way you want to, or the way you DO. Find someone who not only looks great to you, but who SAYS and DOES things that inspire you. Look past the photographs and the superficial. Dig a little deeper.

There is where you’ll find the true motivation.

We can change our habits much more readily than we can change our outward appearance, but either way, we need that push that role models provide. We need a reason to keep truckin’ along, and that comes in the form of discipline/motivation/determination/inspiration/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Often times those things are very hard to come by internally, so finding someone/something that gives you that extra umph bears no shame. But the longest lasting umph will come from things you can actually obtain and control; looking exactly like someone else is not one of those things.