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“Calculating Daily Calories & Macronutrients”
This is a very simple process. It just has a lot of steps! It’s also very customizable, so you may want to play around with the numbers a bit. Let’s start!… Read more

"Glute Activation"
It is a very common movement dysfunction pattern to have tight/overactive hip flexors and weak/under-active glutes. This can FEEL like: sore quads, tight quads, knee pain, low back pain, or hip pain.... Read More

"Is the KETO Diet Effective? Safe? Worthwhile?"
There are many diets being marketed to the public. We've got low-carb, no-carb, low-fat, paleo, high-protein, low-calorie, low-sugar, and the list. goes. on. I want to focus this blog on the ketogenic diet, but much of it will actually pertain to all diet types, so listen up! ... Read More

"Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Fast!"
Let's just get straight to the point: spot fat reduction is not real, and it is therefore an ineffective way to train... Read More

Heart Rate Training
Lots of gyms are implementing the tool of heart rate training these days. The two most prominent ones in my mind are Orange Theory and the gym I work for, 9Round Kickboxing. It really is a valuable thing to know and understand while you're working out so that you can get the most effective workout possible... Read More

Plyometrics; 3 Phases & Proper Landing
Plyometric (plyo) exercise is great for training power, and speed, and increasing strength as a result. Plyo exercises involve some kind of jump or otherwise explosive movement, which requires and improves the ability to recruit as many muscle fibers as possible in as little time as possible. And the more muscle fiber activation we get in a single instant the higher we jump, the more we lift, the stronger our movement becomes... Read More

Nighttime Tips for a Better Morning
Not much of a morning person? Do you find yourself feeling like you got hit by a semi truck when you wake up? Desperately scrambling to get yourself some caffeine? If you aren't busy hitting snooze, that is... Read More

Pre/Post Workout Nutrition 
I originally came here with the intention of writing a blog about how to time your pre and post workout meals, what to eat, the ratio of carbs:protein, etc. But as I got deeper into my research I realized that's not what this blog was going to be about... Read More

Chalk vs. Gloves
Let's first look at the purpose of each. Chalk is intended to create a no-slip grip between your skin and whatever you're holding onto... Read More

Deloading; What and Why
There is more than one kind of "rest". For example, eating and sleeping are both forms of rest. They provide the body with much needed fuel and recovery, and proper strength gains just can't be had without them. And, while food and sleep are both vital components of a strength program, they're not the only necessary forms of rest... Read More

My Thoughts On Pokemon Go
I've been playing the game for a few weeks now, and I can say a couple of things about it that have been undeniable in my experience:
1. Yes, it is addicting.
2. It's an extremely social activity.
3. It's sent me outside almost every single day.
4. It's encouraged me to walk when I otherwise wouldn't have...
Read more

The Valsalva Maneuver - A Coach's Perspective
The valsvalva maneuver is two things primarily: 
1.  It's a natural and nearly unavoidable technique when exerting maximal muscular force, and
2. It's stated as being very high risk and therefore warned against when lifting weights...
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What IS Functional Training?
Whenever I'm describing what it is that I do as a personal trainer, I'm always hesitant to use the adjective '"functional." It's not because functional training doesn't appropriately describe what I do with my clients, but because "functional training" has become such buzz term in the fitness industry... Read more

Squat Warmups; Protecting The Hips, Knees, and Low Back
As a powerlifter it's extremely important for me to warm up before performing any big lift. But, it's not just important for me and the other powerlifters out there, it's important for everyone. Warming up is a vital piece of any good weight lifting program if you want to avoid injury. It's important to turn on the muscles you want to use and to "grease the groove," if you will, of whatever movements you want to perform in your exercise... Read more

Whole Body Fitness; Health From The Inside Out
Have you ever noticed the shameful amount of misconceptions, stereotypes, just plain lies floating around the fitness industry today? Because I certainly have. Here are the first few that pop into my head... Read More

Conventional vs. Sumo Deadlifts
First and foremost, conventional deadlifts and sumo deadlifts are NOT the same lift, and they do not/should not feel the same... Read more

Dieting Isn't The Answer, But Diet Is
What does diet mean? Do you know? Does the actual definition of the word match what you thought the definition was? Let's find out… Read More

Why Weight Training Is An Important Part Of ANY Fitness Program 
Weight training has many far reaching benefits outside of just BUILDING MAD MUSCLE, DUDE. It's beneficial for any and everyone from those looking to lose weight, to those looking to increase their sprint speed, to older adults looking to enhance their balance, coordination, and mobility. The benefits of using weights are robust and very far reaching… Read More

Set/Rep Schemes For Beginning Weight Lifters
Let's start with the most basic idea behind all of fitness - adaptation
Whenever we impose any kind of stress on our bodies -- whether that be via weight training, steady state cardio, HIIT, plyometric training, or any of the many other modalities -- we are hoping for our bodies to ADAPT to that specific stress... Read More

A Few Things You May Not Have Known About Foam Rolling
First and foremost - HOW should you foam roll?
(A Technique suggested by the National Academy of Sports Medicine [NASM])
The idea is to position the body over a foam roller in such a way that specific sensitive areas can be targeted... 
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Why The "Fat Burning Zone" Is A Myth
The idea behind the "fat burning zone" is that if you do steady state cardio at a lower intensity that you will be burning fat more efficiently than you would be doing more intense cardio for the same amount of time... Read More

Sprinting could be a great exercise to add to any routine that can help achieve many different goals... Read More

Wok Talk
There are a lot of really versatile foods out there that are totally customizable. Among them are sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, and stir fry... Read More

One Of The Biggest Controversies In Fitness
Crossfit is an extremely hot topic among fitness communities, and it’s been that way essentially since crossfit came into being. It’s controversial. It’s debatable. And it’s been both largely criticized and largely supported... Read More

Why You Really Should Get Rid Of Your Scale
Fitness is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to bring out the very best in a person when approached in positive and constructive ways. On the flip side, though, fitness also has the ability to bring out the worst in people if approached negatively or obsessively… Read More

A Response To One Of The Most Narrow-Minded Articles I've Ever Read
(1) “They make completely average people think they are famous” 
It actually kind of blows my mind that this could be construed as a bad thing. What in the world is POSSIBLY negative about empowering “average” people and making them feel as if what they’re doing is great? Read More

Gym Etiquette For The Common Human Being
How to not be a totally terrible human in the gym... Read More

Caffeine can be a very powerful tool used to aid your fitness endeavors, but because it is so powerful, it’s something that should be approached with caution and understanding... Read More

6-week 6-pack! Diet pill breakthrough! How I lost 33 pounds in a month! Melt away your fat! "How I got thin fast!" "Drop two sizes in just two weeks!" Lose your gut! Flat abs fast! Diet secrets! Look hot in skinny jeans! Fast track your six-pack! ...sound familiar? Read More

Pick Your Fitness Role Model Carefully
I saw this video by Elliot Hulse (the strengthcamp youtube channel), and it brought that quote to mind..Read More

Top Fitness Excuse
In November of 2013 I conducted a survey via Facebook regarding the top fitness excuse(s) that people use. Here are the results... Read More

I Think Everyone Got It All Wrong
Yup. This picture again, and quite the controversy it’s stirred, hmm?
From people claiming she’s an inspirational hero, to people shaming her for supposedly fat shaming others… But I think both sides got it all wrong... Read More

Cardio vs. Bulking - Friends or Foes?
My interest was sparked after a conversation with my husband this morning. I made a comment to him that if he wants to build muscle he shouldn’t be doing a lot of cardio as well... Read More

A Commentary On Overly Restrictive Dieting
So what’s the point of all the numbers? Well, they demonstrate the very simple fact that we, as humans, NEED a certain amount of various different things to maintain healthy function... Read More