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My name is Katelyn, Katelift if you will. 

I haven't always been a powerlifter, or even a personal trainer! Both of those things are relatively new to me in the grand scheme, actually, but Katelift was sort of the seed that blossomed into my fitness as it is now.

Katelift Fitness originally began as "Fit4Review" back in August of 2013 where I wrote about trending fitness topics and did (read: tried to do) restaurant reviews. Honestly, this blend of topics is super weird, and I knew it when I decided on it. But, despite a concept that barely made sense, I really liked how the name sounded... And, anyone who knows me knows how stubborn I am, so I stuck with it for a couple months. But it didn't take long for me to realize that I had no talent for or interest in food/restaurant reviews. So, I got rid of the "review" part of Fit4Review and kept the 'trending fitness topics' going on the blog. (And, for some reason, kept the name lol) I wrote fairly infrequently about superficial things like "are tights real pants?" (I remember going back and reading some of those old posts and just cringing.) And on my Facebook page I mostly just kept a personal account of my own fitness. It was nothing like it is today...

Fast forward to mid 2014 when I decided to become a personal trainer. I was officially certified in October 2014, and this is when Katelift started to take on a shape more like what it is currently. In December 2014 I started working my first gig as a personal trainer, and this studio is where I got the nickname "Lifts," because I had *just* started building my reputation as a strength athlete. This gave me the idea to call my blog Katelift instead of Fit4Review (thank goodness), and this inspired me to basically start allllllllllllll over.

I went from the clunky, ugly, and free wordpress site I was using for Fit4Review to my sleek, new, and not-free squarespace site for Katelift. I copied over the blogs I felt were reasonable enough to keep. (Some of the cringe-worthy early stuff was riddled with ignorance, narrowmindedness, and just plain useless garbage. So only a few of those original posts made the cut.) But nothing is great on the very first try, right? Ha!

And, this is when I tried to really nail down what exactly I wanted Katelift to be; not just for me, but for other people. I ultimately decided to make Katelift a platform for me to share my (limited, but growing) knowledge with regards to fitness and nutrition. I also started an Instagram for my personal fitness posts in order to keep them off of my Katelift page.

Since making this name change, website switch, and content decision I've obtained additional certifications to broaden my knowledge (nutrition, TRX, and FMS). I have kept up with a competitive powerlifting career, and I've ventured into the world of kickboxing with my current job. With all of these new certs and experiences my knowledge has expanded greatly. From 2013 to now I am a COMPLETELY different person, and Katelift has gone through changes as well that reflect those I went through as a person.

These days topics of my posts vary widely, because I just sort of write about whatever comes to mind/sparks my interest. But I intend for all of my posts to carry useful and USEABLE information. For free! It will always be free! I want every post I make, even if it is on the personal side (think: my powerlifting posts) to have some nugget of information in them that my followers can make use of. I essentially want to educate and empower people in such a way to take their fitness into their own hands.

I am completely self-taught -- from personal training to powerlifting. Every thing I know about fitness I either read in a book, watched on a youtube video, or otherwise learned through personal experience. And my fitness is EXACTLY what I want it to be. I feel that by providing these tools for other people I can help them get their fitness EXACTLY where they want it to be, too. :)


Competitive Female Powerlifter

Certified Personal Trainer

Kickboxing Coach

Proud member of the GWPL Nation

Fitness Blogger

Powerlifting Records

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) amateur, raw classic bench press state record - Texas - 143.3 pounds - 03/07/2015

Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) amateur, raw classic deadlift state record - Texas - 264.55 pounds - 03/07/2015

100% Raw Powerlifting Federation open class bench press state record - Massachusetts - 154.3 pounds - 08/08/2015


Bachelors degree in Psychology - Texas A&M University - Magna Cum Laude Grad 2013

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)
TRX Qualified
FMS Certified 

Master Trainer Certified - 9Round Kickboxing

Where I can be found:

Facebook - Katelift Fitness

Instagram - @katelift

9Round - Round Rock, Tx

Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger